As a person who has used layer based editing
systems, learning to use Nuke has been a hard one.
Though like with editing softwares, I've noticed
that there's still a process lying underneath its
front that helps me to grasp it.
To help myself with learning to use Foundry's
Nuke, I've recreated a couple of effect shots
from my old projects.

My first recreation is a fish removal.
Simple job with the fish being rotoed out and
replaced with a still that has been motion tracked
to the original. The legs walking past the fish
were rotoed. During this, I really learned to
love Nuke's tracking tools, but I'm not so sure
about its masking tools.

Image of nodes used to create part 1
Image of nodes used to create part 2

My second recreation was a bit harder
with the softness of the images being not in
sync. Both were shot in handheld. The character
was rotoed with an extra dipping of feather and
then stabilized and attached to the final
background plate.
The grain tool in Nuke seemed to be less open to
customs settings (like aspect ratios etc) than
the tool in AE.

Image of nodes used to create

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